How Do We Define Success in Education

Defining success in our education goals is a bit tricky for us because we know that there are many things that we need to consider. It’s no longer enough to base it on the number of graduates we produce in a year. That is a false measure of our success, but instead, we need to have a clear cut definition of our success measures and always check if we are hitting them.


Our own Definition of Success

Low Dropout Rate

We are working hard to lower our yearly dropout rate. Of course, it is inevitable that there are some kids who will choose to dropout for a variety of reasons. But that is what we are trying to address. We are working not only with their parents but also with other sectors of the community to have a solution to this problem.

Performance in High School

We still collect data right after graduation because we want to make sure that they are performing in high school. The data we collect will reflect if we were able to prepare them in higher education. This is a very important measure for us because that’s when we will know that what we are doing is working. In this way, we can continue to innovate our processes.


Performance in Inter-School Competition

We are always encouraging our students to join different extra-curricular activities based on their interests. And then after, we measure their performance to find out if we are able to give them support to help them win in their competition. We want to be able to provide as much as possible in their trainings and practices that’s why we are working even with alumni in order to provide our students the help that they need.

Growth Factor of Students

This is one of the trickiest measures that we use because it means comparing our students based on their initial state up to the current position they are in. We want to see if they are able to grow and learn based on the techniques that we have set-up to help them learn in our institution.