Passion for Teaching

It is an understatement to say that teaching is a noble profession. It is the noblest of all profession. It is the industry that shapes the future. It is the job that makes great leaders, engineers, artists, and scientists. That is why, for our teachers, it is important that they are passionate at what they do. And not just in it just because they thought it’s easy.


The Reality of Teaching

Often enough, we hear stories about teachers and the type of life they are living. It is not grand or glamorous. Contrary to what people expect, most of teaching jobs have low salary. But it doesn’t stop our teachers to do their jobs amazingly. Although they are receiving low salary, they still work hard to do their jobs, sometimes even using their own money to go above and beyond.

Most schools, especially public schools, lack funding. But still, teachers find a way to be creative in their teaching styles. They know that it is important to give these kids the best instructional materials so even if they have to use their own money, they would do it.

This type of dedication in the craft is very important in any school. And this is what we are trying to develop in our teachers. We want them to think of the students first every time. They are the ones who will benefit at the end of the day so it will make our sacrifices worth it.

Also, it is very important for them to be able to translate their passion into action. While the idea of passionate is great, it must also be paired with hard work and effort. We want our teachers to continuously teach and at the same time, learn. We want them to update their knowledge through any means they know.

Fortunately, we have been receiving abundant support from different institutions allowing our teachers to gain further degrees in several institutions. Through this, most of our teachers finished their master’s degree without paying a dime. And this helps us in increasing the quality of teaching that we offer for our students in the school.