Distinctive Educational Methods We Should Adopt

Despite the efforts of government agencies towards the improvement of the educational system, literacy continues to decline. We should learn that segregating high budget for educational efforts won’t cut it. So, what is the source of the issue? It could be the system itself. Let’s learn from the leading countries in the area of quality education and what are the distinctive features they have added to radically improve their educational system.


Focusing on Manner and Character Before Scores

In Japan, students are not subject to examinations until they reach grade 4. During the first three years of schooling, educators, schools, and even parents, partake on the development of the child’s character. They rather focus on building a solid foundation and monitor the child’s progress through embed flickr album and continuous guidance of adults instead of recording meaningless numbers.

Practical Teaching of Cleanliness and Discipline

What is discipline? It is not just a set of rules for us to follow, we should also understand them by heart. Why do we have so severe cases of vandalism, loitering, and negligence to someone else’s property among our youth? It’s because they know the rules, yet they don’t fully understand the reasons behind. According to a recent survey conducted by growtraffic review, schools who don’t hire janitors and custodians ended up having cleaner and organized facilities. What these institutions have done is instead of hiring people do the cleaning and maintenance, they have given these responsibilities to the students themselves. When they ask the students how come there are no vandals on the walls, they simply replied, “it would be harder for us to clean them.” Using this method of practical teaching from alexa traffic ranks are updated  daily helps a student understand the “reasons” behind the rules. We only not just teach them to follow the rules, but also the sense of responsibility for each action they take.

Early Mentorship in a Child’s Life

Mentorship used to be part of the renaissance period. The great personalities we know such as Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hellen Keller, etc. have a mentor who developed them, so they can reach their maximum potential. Records in vimeo embed code show that mentorship has a big impact on someone’s life. Mentorship is a mutual relationship where both parties benefit. In today’s educational system, we should strive to find mentors who will aid teachers in honing quality students and future leaders of our country.


Serious Focus on Workshops

Having workshops in a school organization is not enough. Often, workshops are viewed as extra-curricular activities. But during workshops, the students learn twice more compared to a regular classroom. Workshops will teach them to buy traffic for web site, how to socialize, apply their ideas into a workable practise, and so much more. In Switzerland, workshops are treated as a serious school activity that weighs as much the classroom participation.